From Pravin Mahajan's 'Majha Album'

Pravin Mahajan’s book – Majha Album – make us believe why Nitin Gadakari’s ‘in-law’ remarks shouldn’t be seen in isolation to BJP culture.

The book gives inside accounts of elder brother Pramod’s private life. It run through Pramod’s style of functioning that for a long has been party norm even as Pramod no longer survives.

On one occasion the book outlines Mahajan’s brother-in-law Gopinath Munde becoming target of ‘in-law’ remarks.

The book reads, Munde’s avarice to power makes Pramod quip: “Gopya la kalayla hava ki to apla jawai aahe, pakshacha navhe (Gopya should know he is our in-law, not party’s)”

Pramod’s alleged promiscuity is at the center of the book. Pravin loosely spells out brother’s private affairs but spares naming most women, except Alaknanda, who came into Pramod’s life. Alaknanda, many know, was party functionary from north Maharashtra.

Shrewdly, Pravin is silent on Sarangi’s life. Sarangi, Pravin’s wife, has previously claimed that Pramod was like ‘father figure’.

Without digging much, Majha Album outlines much chewed Munde’s Barkha affair.

The book arms Pravin with enough opportunity to target brother and change perception about late BJP leader. Equally, it brings out Pravin’s pent up prejudice against Pramod.

Overall, the book is so-so read.

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