Way towards sound journalism

Recently I had an opportunity to share Reuter’s guidelines on sourcing with my journalism professor Kiran Thakur. He put those guidelines along with a small comment of mine on his blog.

That post later led to a small debate with participation from senior journalist Mahesh Vijapurkar. Vijapurkar insisted on clarity and responsibility while writing news. I pointed out some good practices being adopted by newspapers, especially mint.

Now, this latest post by mint editor Raju Narisetti tells us how ET too has decided to stick to “fundamentals of sound journalism”.

I have a mix reaction though, and a couple of questions:

1. Whether it is possible for mainstream media to hold on to such practices (formal or written reply from concerned parties before releasing the story), especially when everybody in India do not have access to email and fax ?.

2. As we see ET editor Rahul Joshi emphasizing on: “give at least 24 hours to a company to respond”, another question pops up: If mainstream newspapers too follow this, arn't they denying readers their right to know and to know at the earliest ?.

I am not really sure which way to go.

Khushwant Singh and chavanni

Reading great people makes one great.

Reading Khushwant Singh, especially his endless and erotic celebration of love, passion and sex, has always been an unforgotten experience.

Few years back when I finished his autobiography: Truth Love and a Little Malice, I developed fresh affection for this writer.

Today, I was rather amused to read former HT editor N C Menon’s piece: Khushwant remembers only what suits him.

Menon tried to tear off claims made by Singh in his weekly column: Pride of a nation.
Singh: ...I was curious to know what a Birla would offer to the God of auspicious beginnings. He put a silver chavanni — a four-anna piece. I understood why Birlas were the wealthiest family in the country.

Menon:... How, pray, does such a generous man visit Singh’s home and take out his wallet to make a ‘chavanni’ offering to the Ganesh idol at his door? I doubt if such an incident ever took place. I know for a fact that Birla never carried money, least of all small change.

Reading both the writers was quite entertaining. Claims, counter claims, and both of them were putting only that was convenient to them.

Both knew, their claims can not be contradicted as Birla is no longer alive.

So, does it really matter it if was chavanni or athanni ?.

Well, good writers do know how to make use of even chavannis.

Disclosure: Khushwant Singh’s The Company of women, Burial at Sea and Truth Love and a Little Malice are all time favourite of mine.

My love for Raj

Raj, I am with you dear. Go on. Take the battle ahead against Bachchans. Count my support.

I too have an issue with Bachachan. He made me waste 100 bucks for his 'Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag'.

But, I can not express this in Marathi. This blog is English even if I can put devnagari. Will you still allow me to be with you ?.

Forgive me, if you can’t.


I have a quick comment on the latest development in this issue.
I read Amitabh's blog just now and obsereved his apologetic voice for wife's behaviour. Thats all fine. But what was the need for Mr Bachchan to recount all that he and Jaya have done for Maharashtra and Mumbai. Doesn't it sound Amitabh's penchant to be political ??

It rather smell of his desperate attempt to get Bal Thackeray on their side, once again.

Amravati vs Latur vs Pune

A race has begun, finally. Amravati, represented by her excellency: Pratibha Patil, has locked in motion with Vilasrao’s Latur.

An airport followed by a special train to Mumbai with super duper railway station, is all what Amravati has received. Having put this in kitty, Pratibhatai had even staked womens’-only-IIT in her karmabhumi.

Arjun Singh led HRD ministry however ducked the proposal. But I understand that efforts are Patil is trying something less but equally important. This will help her restore her image.

Our beloved (since he has given me exclusive interview, Vilasrao is my favourite) CM is betting for couple of SEZs in his hometown. Plus, he is betting for IIM too. “If not Latur, IIM must come to Aurangabad”, CM roared last week.

Interestingly, CM’s attempt to get IIM has come three years after the then education minister Suresh Jain announced the elite business school in Pune. Puneites then never heard about this. And if they come to know Vilasrao's plan, god saves him.

This man was also keen to get nano project at Latur. But taking the Singur project elsewhere doesn’t look reality. He’s already bagged airport and work has started at sleepy town in Marathwada.

And when these two leaders are promoting their regions rigorously, what Sharad Pawar is doing for Pune ?.

Man, he has got Rs 4600 crores Metro rail project for you. And the good news is Pawar is keen for project’s speedy implementation (I wouldn’t have cared had it been done by Kalamadi or any other politician).

Pawar’s seriousness comes from his emphasis to look for another land in stead of prime plot belonging to Agriculture college. The land is being considered for Metro rail’s main station.

The plot is lush green, at the center of city and has history of 100 years. So how can Pawar be wrong when he say, “Puneites wont allow us build this project. They (puneites) are intelligent, knows the law very well and have loads of time too. So, can we afford to fight with them for next 15-20 years”, Pawar told to a bunch of reporters.