Chidambaram And His Crafty Capitalism Phrase

I have a friend working with tabloid. He claims to be leftist but surrenders to all methods akin to capitalists. In political discussion, he talks of welfare and holistic approach but never hesitates praising Thackeray’s pro-Marathi parochialism. Worst, when we tease him, he turns the gear and resort to Marxism. Still we love him much.

Indian political system is more like my friend. The lefts here sometimes are more than actual capitalists. To that extent, P C Chidambaram is spot on: “maoists are the most crafty capitalist.”

Maoists employ unlawful methods to control production, distribution, price regulation of firms from their stronghold. They extort money from firms and in return challenge the state. They rue state control, similar to that of urban corporate-capitalist brothers.

More organized than past, Maoists with the backing of NGOs and Roy-likes, built up philosophy in their fight against state.

Chidambaram, whom Arundhati Roy refer ‘corporate lawyer’ (more capitalist than capitalists) puts up comparative case study of two Tatas:

“I don’t think the objectives of JN Tata and the objectives of Ratan Tata are very different. They might express it in different language but their objective is the same— to build industries, create jobs, produce goods and services, create wealth and enhance the prosperity of the area. In the bargain, of course, the company makes profits. But at that time, perhaps, the villagers and tribals were certainly not so organised and perhaps in no position to offer any organised protest and I am pretty sure there were hardly any NGOs and civil rights groups to espouse their cause. So JN Tata’s people were able to build trust with people.”

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