Human, God And Fast

Fast will be the buzzword throughout the day on Ekadashi – the eleventh lunar day. Eateries from old city area will generate higher than average income. But if we go by logic behind fast, god then will have his eyes turned off the Pune skies.

Indians, or more specifically, the Hindus prostrate while communicating with the god. It’s their way to “demonstrate sincerity and humility,” says Akar Patel in his recent piece in lounge.

To attract god’s attention, we clang the bell. Invite pain through circumambulation (pradakshina). Take sufferings abstaining the food.

Patel writes: “this idea that God likes us to suffer is common to all cultures. It actually comes from our belief that God is merciful and benevolent. If He sees us suffering in one way, therefore, He will stop other bad things from happening to us. In that sense, the voluntary hardship of the pilgrim is a preventive action, a sort of insurance, and ultimately selfish”

God is benevolent but not gullible enough to be hoodwinked easily. Therefore, if Puneites have gone on fast to attract god’s attention, better they rethink. Rethink on ever exceeding food quota made especially for fast. Others who put up scientific reasoning behind fast – fast allows the body to improve digestive system – better stop thinking.

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