Rs 2800 crores

Rs 2800 crores.

That’s the figure Pune draws yearly from students coming to the city from outside Maharashtra and country.

No wonder. Pawar spoke for 45 minutes on the issue of agitation against educational institution by MNS.

The man, who doesn’t even entertain sound-bytes to e-media talked to us for 45 minutes on this subjects. Good part is, it was Pawar only who disclosed this figure and stressed for recognition of education sector as an industry.

Raj, are you listening ?…Oh I forgot, you listen to Raj(u) only.


Yes. He says it all.

Whatever will happen, will happen with narrow margin: Pawar

My guess is UPA will loose the trust motion by one or two votes.

But, whatever, it will be win-win situation for UPA. If it wins the trust vote, it gets N-deal. strong issue to fight next polls.

If it looses by narrow margin, it gets sympathy. The sympathy on which party will bank and try to clinch another term.

Remember NDA that had lost by one vote just to re-emerge triumph ?.

“congress lost on principals”, common man will say and will consider his vote in the following election for the same party.

But then there will again be some deal.
Heck. I am sick of word ‘deal’.
Whatever has to happen should happen immediately.

Not that I am for deal, but my prayer is they should get it, only then we will escape from it.

Johann Bach, you made my day

Being sluggish, tardy, sometimes pays.
Thank god.
For a moment even I was tempted to follow that Pen Pricks floated press release.
The procrastination within me however did not let me go forward.
Today, I have realised the importance of dilatoriness.

Elaborating further on what exactly has happened, writes Siddharth Varadarajan in The Hindu
pick up From Reuters blog:

The Pen Pricks, who run a blog skewering the Goan press, promised readers on Sunday they were about to break a “big, Big, BIg, BIG” story. It looks like they succeeded. Still, it should not take pranksters to remind us that gullibility is a dangerous flaw in journalism.