The New Entrant

The wait is over - we have a new entrant in the family. Sister-in-law Archana delivered a baby girl. It’s a double joy – first, the baby is sweeter than the whole family and another: she is ‘she’.

I wish her a good life

OBC To OBC Calls Free

I don’t know if I should treat the content of this story appeared in marathi daily sakal more funnier than the BSNL’s sheer stupidity (assuming for a moment the story is indisputable). But for sure, the story has potential to either leave you in rage or roll you in laughter.

For English readers, the story is under the headline: “OBC to OBC calls free on BSNL”

It talks about BSNL (with no version from BSNL official) planning to launch a group of clients from other backward class. “OBCs can talk to each other free of cost,” the story reads.

(Serious) doubts can be raised about the genuineness of the story considering that why will BSNL alienate other castes by offering discount only to OBCs. Sakal, it seems, did not reach BSNL for any explanation.

Either way, it isn’t just the story; more hilarious part comes through a comment appeared below the article on esakal.

The commentator writes: BSNL to launch another free calls scheme – inane to inane – with first SIM will be given to BSNL official.