Letter To Octopus Paul

Because of ample time and nothing worth to do (all lies), I am here to seek answers of some difficult questions from Octopus Paul.

Paul, the almighty, please do tell us why are Indians so good in foodball ?

Why isn’t Sharad Pawar not attracted to soccer, Is the game cleaner than Cricket ?

Why is Mamata Bannerjee spends her entire time in Delhi, shunning Kolkata always ?

How come Nitin Gadakari speaks in such a decent language when other politicians are all foul mouthed ?

How does HT manages to score against ToI every morning ?

Why isn’t Indian journalism still not been affected by paid news ?

Why isn’t the UPA government work through Group of Ministers (GoM) to increase efficiency ?

Paul, only gospel. Didn’t Spain had 12 players when they played against Germany ?

Wasn’t Lord Ram the Bhaiyya, whom Marathis have stopped worshipping ?

Didn’t you tip off Suhel Seth, who wrote to you even before I could ?

Paul, no predictions, only correct answers

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