"Because they can’t afford your rates"

Arundhari Roy through this article is back in her original form.

She has done wonderful homework to drive point home.

For me, the punch in the article lies when she write:

“Where do the hundreds of millions of rupees that political parties and politicians pay the media for the ‘high-end’, ‘low-end’ and ‘live’ pre-election ‘coverage packages’ that P. Sainath recently wrote about come from? (The next time you see a TV anchor haranguing a numb studio guest, shouting, “Why don’t the Maoists stand for elections? Why don’t they come in to the mainstream?”, do SMS the channel saying, “Because they can’t afford your rates.”)"

But, further down till bottom, her readers seems have trounced the author, as they have done equally thorough homework about their favourite writer.

Nonetheless, the article is a great treat.

On the side note, two of my friends would like to ask Roy, when will they see her writing 6036-wrods article for extremists hindus fighting against Christians “attempting mass conversions” and the grudge marathis harbour against Uttar bharatiyas for “usurping most of the jobs”.