Ajit Pawar Vs Bal Thackeray

Why is Ajit Pawar suddenly talking against Bal Thackeray. That too, too harsh ?

Is it just that Ajit wants to distract attention from rivals’ campaign against his alleged corruption cases ?

Or Ajit perceives offensive is the only option to weaken saffron-RPI alliance ?

Many are misreading the situation.

Ajit Pawar’s aggressiveness against Thackeray has more to do with internal party conflict than external challenge.

Targeting Thackeray, a real power center of Sena, can be construed as Pawar’s attempt to assert his position in the party.

This will consolidate his base. That mean, weakening of Supriya Sule, whose father and a party president Sharad Pawar always had a soft corner for Sena.

Sena’s relevance in the politics, Pawar thinks, can help Sule reaching to Power should the leadership issue arises in the NCP after him.

As we know, power struggle isn’t far away in the NCP. And Sharad Pawar is no exception in Indian politics, which stands witness to the fact that fathers have always preferred son or daughter over cousins.

And Ajit, being Sharad Pawar’s nephew, knows that to avoid ending up like Raj – a Thackeray cousin who ended up with nothing left in his hand while in Sena – he has no option but to assert.

Season Of Fast

An ICU unit with 60 doctors, 1300 toilets, an exclusive media center, large screens, a water filtration plant - all this for Ramdev’s fast to bring back the money stashed abroad. (From the report appeared in Mint)

There is a competitive politics ongoing among Anna Hazare, Medha Patkar and Baba Ramdev. The crusade against the system, the adamancy and the pretentious morality are the elements across the three.

But do they know: The cure they prescribe will kill the patient before it ends the disease.