Case against endorsing the endorsement

During the Lok Sabha campaign, I had a debate with friend on why Indian media do not endorse prime ministerial contestants. The debate ended without any conclusion.

The latest US move of protectionism against Chinese tyre is no less than an answer to that debate.

A protectionist move that is bad politics, bad economics, bad diplomacy and hurts America, says Economist.

The magazine had endorsed Obama during presidential elections. Today it criticizes the president for his wrong policy – his latest move to impose 35 % tariff on Chinese tyres per se.

Endorsing the candidate isn’t wrong. But in India, will newspapers be able to keep pace criticizing government with the courage of admitting its wrong judgment, given the way government falters time to time ?

In any case, what’s the need of formal endorsement when Indian media have been into it for years without actually being into it formally.

Here is an interesting debate on endorsement started by former mint editor Raju Narisetti, who is now at washington Post.

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Swine Flu -III

Seven people have died in the city during past 48 hours. All were H1N1 positive. We do not know as yet whether those succumbed had other health complications also. Considering the weightage attached to “seven”, tomorrow’s front pages will be bombarded with related stories.

The gravity of the issue of deaths has not glued me much on the story than reactions from readers that have followed. Considering the public pressure ahead of polls in Maharashtra, the government may even think of imposing partial shut down, to which some call Level-6.

Gruesome ! The panic out of swine flu is turning more killer than the disease itself. Meanwhile, Pune's swines are behaving as usual, as if there is nothing happened. So "insensitive", almost like minister.

Tale Of A Scam

Here’s a tale of how multi-million scams takes place at government level.

A government department wants to procure notes-counting machine. Actually, it requires two machines and each is worth Rs 40,000. What will the department do ?

Of course as a procedure, the department invites tenders. To invite tender, it issues ads in four national dailies. The ads cost around Rs 2 lakh.

The government babus do not stop here. They later issue corrigendum by spending Rs 15,000 more.

So for two machines worth Rs 80,000, government spends Rs. 2.15 lakh. For the babus, kickbacks are ready for spending more and more sum on ads.

Boston Brahmins

Caste hierarchy is passé (at least the lower crust wants it to be so) at some places. Yet the Boston Brahmin term continues to rule in US.

Interestingly, the video clip provides déjà vu effect, especially to those who are well acquainted with Sadashiv Pethis of Pune.