Lets be selfish

The two columns that appeared last Sunday in HT and TOI have finally started evoking reactions. Allowing Kashmir to secede was the base of articles that came from Vir Sanghvi and Swaminathan Aiyar.

Many have attempted to put counter arguments on the thoughts. I find none of these counter argument as convincing as opinions by Sanghvi and Aiyar.

Yet I don’t want to support idea of separate Kashmir.

Liberal Aiyar, a prime contender for this year’s Bastiat for contributing towards free society through his writings, doesn’t like “ruling people against their will”. Sanghvi, a prominent journalist known for picking right pulse at right place, asks "why are we still hanging on to Kashmir if the Kashmiris don’t want to have anything to do with us?".

Well, to me, Kashmir is crucial as part of India’s geopolitical maneuvering. Agreed that Kashmiries want to secede, but aren’t these emotions politically driven ?.

If Hindus get carried away by opportunist BJP and demand ram mandir in Ayodhya, shouldn’t the government respect majority view ?. After all democracy is made up of majority view.

Kashmir affair has third party angle (read Pakistan), hence the issue turn international. In international relations, might and interests always overtake democratic views.

So, let me be selfish for my country and play the same card that India is playing.

Here I recall Americal thinker Bernard Baruch’s quote:
“The greatest blessing of our democracy is freedom. But in the last analysis, our only freedom is the freedom to discipline ourselves”.


Samyak said...

Piece is good.
Why mention of Aiyar in race for Bastiat. Has it anything to do with his article on J & K ?.

I suspect, you imply his malafied intention of writting a highly liberal article to strenthen his claim for the award.

S said...

Really nobody's tried to think from this angle. Nobody's even put this up.

Samyak, i guess we now have to learn to read Yogesh between the lines.

For Vir, i can understand he really knows the pulse and he seems to have gauged it perfectly. The nation, to my understanding even wants to get rid of Kashmir. Otherwise, why there hasn’t been protests from saffron rowdies on the two highly provocative articles ?

Quite insightful post, bytheway.


yogesh joshi said...

Samyak: You are free to draw whatever the interpretation you want to draw. Neither i'll mind nor will the liberal aiyar, i guess. :)

S: Even i tend to belive saffrons have given up hopes on Kashmir. Otherwise why isnt there road riots after the two articles appeared last sunday.

Or may be....After somia met Advani to discuss kashmir problem, saffrons have toned down realising the fact that their agitation will only help the seperatists.