For the last few days I have been unfailingly reading Niraj Seth’s blog linked to Wall Street Journal: ON THE ROAD IN INDIA.

The blog, to me, looks dull and superficial. What inspire me to read it is the comments that land on Niraj’s blog.

It gives third man perspective.

Just to give an example, writes a commentator:

Indians here are a defensive bunch(stemming from low self-esteem). If somebody external doesn’t write a one-sided glowing review of *India Shining*, they don’t get their daily dosage of validation. The incredible growth was due to an extreme pent-up potential that was suppressed for more than 50 years due to socialistic policies. But other than that, India is still a corrupt nation with a few bright people (In a population of 1 Billion, you are bound to get 50 Million extremely smart people). But, a cross sectional average Indian still lacks the basic drive & skill-set to take India to the next level. As far as White people getting better treatment, It is not the caste system, but Indians seeking external validation due to their low self-esteem, just like the losers who are extra nice to only hot chicks. I would bet on China and other South East Asian countries than India....

Buffet is right when he say, “Indians need their daily dose of validation from someone external”.

Otherwise why would we Indians always get stuck to randomly published Forbes’ billionaires list having Indian names.

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