Amravati vs Latur vs Pune

A race has begun, finally. Amravati, represented by her excellency: Pratibha Patil, has locked in motion with Vilasrao’s Latur.

An airport followed by a special train to Mumbai with super duper railway station, is all what Amravati has received. Having put this in kitty, Pratibhatai had even staked womens’-only-IIT in her karmabhumi.

Arjun Singh led HRD ministry however ducked the proposal. But I understand that efforts are Patil is trying something less but equally important. This will help her restore her image.

Our beloved (since he has given me exclusive interview, Vilasrao is my favourite) CM is betting for couple of SEZs in his hometown. Plus, he is betting for IIM too. “If not Latur, IIM must come to Aurangabad”, CM roared last week.

Interestingly, CM’s attempt to get IIM has come three years after the then education minister Suresh Jain announced the elite business school in Pune. Puneites then never heard about this. And if they come to know Vilasrao's plan, god saves him.

This man was also keen to get nano project at Latur. But taking the Singur project elsewhere doesn’t look reality. He’s already bagged airport and work has started at sleepy town in Marathwada.

And when these two leaders are promoting their regions rigorously, what Sharad Pawar is doing for Pune ?.

Man, he has got Rs 4600 crores Metro rail project for you. And the good news is Pawar is keen for project’s speedy implementation (I wouldn’t have cared had it been done by Kalamadi or any other politician).

Pawar’s seriousness comes from his emphasis to look for another land in stead of prime plot belonging to Agriculture college. The land is being considered for Metro rail’s main station.

The plot is lush green, at the center of city and has history of 100 years. So how can Pawar be wrong when he say, “Puneites wont allow us build this project. They (puneites) are intelligent, knows the law very well and have loads of time too. So, can we afford to fight with them for next 15-20 years”, Pawar told to a bunch of reporters.

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