A new star is born

This is what I like most about internet and blogs. The news strikes here as Abhinav Bindra win gold, creates history. Next moment see an avalanche of comments on his blog.

People no longer need to wait for media to come to their steps. A small googling and you have everything that will help you reach to a person you desire to.

Well, can anybody guess how Abhinav made it ?

Writes Abhinav Bindra in his blog:

Today is my day off and so i am going to spend some time soaking in the village and actually getting my mind to do something it has never done before.... NOT THINK ABOUT SHOOTING!!!So instead of thinking about shooting perfect bulls eyes... today i am going to think of the pretty women in the village, the weather, the great city of beijing and whatever else pops into my mind will be allowed to stay as long it doesn't involve the words "rifle", "shooting" in it.... hey all it is a great time to be an athlete and this event is what we all live for.....

The answer is here. Abhinav thought of pretty women in the village. So in stead of thinking about rifle, he had in his mind: THE TARGET.

Hearty Congratulations Abhinav.

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