A less serious post

Few hours from now Sene chief Pramod Muthalik will start receiving pink innerwears. And when he actually gets one, one thing, I guess, that would top his mind is how to deal with it.

I have done few stories and a profile on Muthalik. I got to know that besides being a freak, a rabble-rouser Muthalik adores two persons most Vinayak Savarkar and Nathuram Godse.

A Brahmin by birth, Muthalik too believes in Godse’s one-nation theory and to keep Gandhi assassin’s views alive, he never misses to attend Godse’s remembrance function in Pune on every November 15. Last year, he stunned everyone when he actually printed a pocket calendar bearing Godse’s picture, an image of which is displayed in this post. Similarly he claims to be a Savarkarwadi.

So, will Muthalik play Savarkar, who had organised bonfire of foreign clothes on Pune’s Karve road in 1905 to fight British raj. The only difference this time around is the clothes are desi while those who wear them, according to Sene brigade, are of western mindset. I am sure, politically, he will score many brownie points against his rivals.

Er, I have actually provided Muthalik a great idea to fight back pink-Chaddiwallah’s onslaught. He now owes me another good story through doing or publishing something more stunning.

But before that he should also read Savarkar’s essay:

English Women and Hindusthani men

Savarkar writes, “If a nation has political freedom, it leads to progress in many other areas. And one thing leads to another. A good example is found in the present agitation of English women.

England was ruled by Romans for some 500 years and after they left came various monarchs. Later, since the days of Magna Carta in 1215, the King’s powers were curtailed by the Barons. Centuries later, the rich businessmen got representation in Parliament. Now women are demanding a say in the running of their country. We have to learn quite a lot from their movement. I therefore give the details of the movement…”.

Image is one front side of pocket calender, that bear picture of Nathuram Godse (left) and Vinayak Savarkar (right). Source: A nonymous worker of Muthalik.


Rakesh said...

Dear Yogesh,

Its not a matter of whom we admire, it can muthalik or hitler or Gandhi also. i believe muthalik has taken the wright issue but in wrong way. Who gave him or his person to beat the womens. Every individual ha got self esteem. Neither u nor me will tolerate such rude behaviour by any part of society. do we? How come any one person stands up and take the charge of moral ploicing without checking his own morale. Can Mr Muthalik say with oath that he never had fantasy on sex. That is also against the morale. Don't u think it seems politically motivated agenda of RSS/BJP to score points on General elections.
I mean can u teach a person by beating him. will he/she be ever in receptive mood.
Pubs are functioning is Banglore or India all around the year than how come mr Muthalik wake up now?

He believes in One nation theory so as I. I would have appreciated his efforts if he would have asked them to sing national anthem or asked the pub owner to play it. He may get thousand ideas to teach patriotism and Indian Culture.
"Pink Chaddi" is again a campaign to get cheap publicity(unfortunately our media gives so easily) by associating with Mr. Muthalik.
To show/ have the feelings of love , we need not to wear Pink Chaddi rather we need caring emotions and passion to take care of....

Yogesh said...


Muthalik's gameplan isn't RSS/BJP's agenda. In fact he is taking enough efforts to grab the political space generated after BJP drifted away from their core agenda.

And btw, I agree with you on Muthalik may not be able to say that "he never had fantasy on sex". But I am not sure if he will tell us whom he fantasize. :)

Pink Chaddi campaign was cheap but so as Muthalik's stunt, and both helped each other

Abhijeet Deshpande said...

Your idea of burning pink chaddis was really a brilliant idea.... whether or not one supports mutalik.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?

Anonymous said...

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