Advani In Forward Gear

Not really sure but I suspect, if not L K Advani, his team must have been reading my blog.

Otherwise why has Advani decided not to recount flashbacks – his famous predisposition during the public speeches? In my post I had stated: … the blog has given Advani a forum to go nostalgic. This is especially when many of his colleagues (and journalists who keep whining when he is at his best) don’t like him always recounting past on public forums.

Now HT story says: “Party colleagues believe flashbacks to 50s and 60s are lost on youngsters, they find it alienating. Advani has paid heed. There are fewer bouts of nostalgia in his speeches now”.

Great. Advaniji you will learn more such things provided you follow my blog.

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Anonymous said...

:) LOL ... seeing his photograph on every next blog (just before elections) and his fans pouncing on a single word suspected to be against him has made me wonder if he follows my blog too.