Arun Shourie's Indignation

Has Arun Shourie become Arundhati Roy of the right, as sans serif put it ?

After this from Shourie, who says,

“India is still a passive country when it comes to taking a stand against terrorism. It should, in fact, take an extremist stance and must prove that it can also create a Kashmir-like situation in Pakistan”

…I have begun to believe that Shourie has replaced Bal Thackeray.

One wonder, if this is the time to create instability in Pakistan or bring the neighboring country out of the instability.

The answer is if we want to save India, we need to save Pakistan.


Nationalist said...

Shourie follows footsteps of Sudheendra Kulkarni, whose political career is on the verge of death since he embraced radical hindutva from a more liberal approach.

If shourie aspires tobe PM, as reported by few Indian journalist besides his fans, he should rather join Mrs Gandhi.

Anonymous said...

ya .. go and peddle ur dynasty inspired politics elsewhere .... it is time to do wht has not been done ever in a congress govt ... take decisions in national interest and without bigotry ... u wont understand this language evidently ..