My love for Raj

Raj, I am with you dear. Go on. Take the battle ahead against Bachchans. Count my support.

I too have an issue with Bachachan. He made me waste 100 bucks for his 'Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag'.

But, I can not express this in Marathi. This blog is English even if I can put devnagari. Will you still allow me to be with you ?.

Forgive me, if you can’t.


I have a quick comment on the latest development in this issue.
I read Amitabh's blog just now and obsereved his apologetic voice for wife's behaviour. Thats all fine. But what was the need for Mr Bachchan to recount all that he and Jaya have done for Maharashtra and Mumbai. Doesn't it sound Amitabh's penchant to be political ??

It rather smell of his desperate attempt to get Bal Thackeray on their side, once again.


Rahul said...

Marathi manoos and english blog !!!

Joshi saab

You own an apology to 10 crores maharashtrians :)

Bydwy that between the line remarks about Swaminathan's desperate efforts on seeking Bastiat is true ha.

Jai Maharashtra !!
Jai Raj Thackeray !!

amatureartist said...

very true ...
i support you ..
bt hoe can a journalist wait for someone to take charges for some must to do activitie ..we can have decent network (software) guys convert marathi in devnagiri ...
i'll search for it ...
cheers :)

Samyak said...

Hmm. Smell of sarcasm.

But think twice while you mock Thackeray.

I heard his next destination now is reporters from English media, especially those who run the blog in working hours :)

yogesh joshi said...

Rahul, why dont you join MNS. They need uttar bharatiyas like you. This will help you both :)

Shardhha, sure. You help me out with converting english stuff in devenagari without much efforts.

Samyak, i understand that raj won't spare those who read and put comments on blogs in working hours :)