Between the lines

CONDOLEEZZA RICE: “Growing Indian and Chinese appetite is contributing to the global food crisis".

What she meant: It is in the interest of United States if India retains its poverty and hunger tag intact.

What she didn’t: More and more poor people getting food, poverty diminishing and we are happy over it.

SITARAM YECHURY: "Rice’s remarks are atrocious…. It appears that the US would be more comfortable with higher level of hunger in developing countries”.

What he meant: Hunger and poverty are the issues of our monopoly. We have not just been talking on it, but helping people to retain that status.

What he didn’t: Bengalis have stopped eating fish. In stead they are switching over to chapattis.

MONTEK SINGH ALHUWALIA: "I don't agree there is a global food crisis because of India and China. There is an increase in food production too in both the countries."

What he meant: After 50 years of congress and five years of NDA regime, poor in India have finally got a chance to taste food. But it’s internal matter of our country and whether of not we feed Indians, it’s not US’s business.

What he didn’t: After sixty years of freedom, we have been getting food. Please don’t spoil our meal.

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