Are you also a victim of this ?

It’s annoying. My morning gets screwed up when I see the above ad in local newspapers.

There is nothing wrong with the advertise per se. It's certain contents that are thoroughly objectionable. It talks about levonorgestrel pills.

The strap in the ad read, “Kaal ratri Hyanchya kadun chuk ghadali…Pan mala pregnant vhayachi ichha nahi (last night, he made a mistake…But I am not willing to go for pregnancy).”

What...? “he made a mistake”.?...and what were you doing that time ?
It seems the lusty babe in the ad have enjoyed the act - her eyes shows it- yet she is outright putting the blame on her husband.
My colleague is right when he say, "everybody want pleasure, but nobody takes the suffering".


amatureartist said...

Completely agree with what have you said in breif ....

itz ok ven u ee in news papers u cn read n disturbed for sm time n close the paper when it appears in the hoardings railway campartments ..and forcefully bambed to schoolgoing innocent lives ...
it affects the mot ..
ther need to be a SENSOR for all the publuic adds(which r actually made to help people)
so it will be a liberal n can serve msg of the product ..more affcetivly..

nice to know ur view my bro!!

KS2001 said...

Baba Ekda Lagna Karun Ghe tula uttar miloon jayil.