Hey Ram...!!!

Yes, the above mentioned title of this post totally resembles with the one which appeared in today’s Saamana. I liked it very much especially when one of the BJP leader was seen on TV saying the same in the afternoon. His bite was in response to UPA’s major goof up. Sure to say, questioning the very existence of Lord Ram in its affidavit in the SC on Setu Samudran project was UPA one of the most dangerous political blunder. And for this congress party would have suffered drastically had it’s shrewd chairperson did not have pressed damage control button anon. Ofcourse rediscovering Lord Ram within 24 hours wasn't shrewdness but more of a political compulsion for her.

Unfortunately, here, leaders of BJP, starving for issues and sometime even non-issues lost the battle even before it began full fledge. Mature enough to sense an opportunity, BJP leaders saw Shahabanoo and Ayodhya like situation which it had encashed rightly and gained them run the rudder of New Delhi. I think a similar thought must have come in Sonia Gandhi’s mind on how her late husband had to pay the price for resurrecting Ayodhya and ShahBanu case issues.

Interestingly, within hours of filing an affidavit government admitted its mistake and assured that it will withdraw the controversial “Remarks” from its proclamation. The saffron leaders who were alleging it a clear case of blasphemy lost one more opportunity to gain political mileage on the issue.

Though I personally feel that what government had submitted in the SC was right in a way since the science on which Archeological Survey of India was banking to make its case for Sethu Samudran project does not support existence of god. But again, Faith is a thing which can not be challenged on any parameter. Nor it can be challenged in a court of law.
Curiously, the same BJP which is trying to rake up the issue on the basis of Faith has not touched the intricate subject of whether Lord Ram really existed. It only termed the move against the Faith of crores of Hindus. Congress too now seems to have joined the same boat. The grand old party of India now does not want to take any chances especially when snap polls are imminent in view of Left’s act of barking reaching to actually bite.

Amidst such delicate political situation, I am sure, Sonia must have told her party collegues "hey ram!!.. yeah kya kar diya tumne".

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