Not so intelligent

A gathering of selected.
Time- evening; ten past eight.
Agenda - undecided or undisclosed.
Venue - renowned club in east Pune.
Accompanying stuff at hands - Scotch and other spirits along with fruit juice followed by dinner.
Partaker – distinguished members who prefer to work from only behind the curtain and journos.

A formal introduction is made after the card exchanging while fizzle begin to blow. Some jokes on Indian politics, Pune police and media of course.

Actors behind the curtain come forward. Endeavor to give personal touch to the event.

The chief from actors takes the charge. Assured of at least two/three pegs have been gulped by everybody, his subordinate readies hmself to take position.

An interaction with each but saperately.

Supposedly carrying intention to pass on or plant so called secret info, they stumps the other information carriers. Contrary to the expectations a request for cooperation on info Sharing comes from their side. Fizz droops down. Get-to-gether comes to an abrupt end.

Keyword: Intelligence

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