Freedom of expression

Since past few days blog reading hasn't been pleasurable enough. Reason: one of my favorite blogger Pravin Tokekar has stopped posting his satirical ramblings and in stead seems to have navigated the url to another tranquil page.

Let us bhankas, the title under which he used to write did have some bhankasgiri. But his fitting remarks on editors of marathi daily, observations about squabbles within the media houses and a mimic commentary was big pass time and an enjoyment. Though there are many blogs to provide more or less same stuff on similar subjects, the bhankas remained altogether different and therefore enjoyed substantial readership. Not to mention the most palpable thing throughout his writing was decency.

Later, when I got to know from my sources about the reason for which his blog is not in service was Tokekar has been asked to contain from going overboard. Though I could not independently crosscheck the veracity of all such things I don’t need to mention who is the container in this case as has been implied in an obvious way.

COMMENT: The very fact which lies undigested is media professionals enjoys criticizing the whole world, at the same time they can’t tolerate of being carped. It is more conspicuous especially when their own men drag them. It is to note that Tokekar himself is a journalist and currently attached with a magazine which linked with Loksatta.

May be another side of journalism.

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