Whose Goa is it, by the way ?

The Portuguese invaded Goa first. Tiny land now faces another influx, if not invasion. From bhel-puri wallahs to construction labour, workers at ship building yard and farm labourers, bhaiyyas rule everywhere. And if there is any place where bhaiyyas have not made their mark, count it with Karnatakis or the previous intruders - Maharashtrians.

The Portuguese, the converted Christians, kolis, Saraswats and Karhades - all till now were scattered and lived peacefully - now ghettoizing. Perhaps the insecurity has driven them.

During my weekend Goa jaunt I experianced it all. While me and two friends enjoyed every bit of serene beaches, tranquil forts, the development on mainland Goa was bustling. July is off-season, but liquor was flowing like cola. We heard bambaiyya hindi too in Panjim market.

Many fear influx will soon change Goa’s demography and the land will lose its identity. I accept the market principle - free market economy has its mix baggage.

Interesting is while neighboring Maharashtra has given birth to political parties, who claim to protect rights of son-of-the-soils, why is Goa lagging behind ? . They may not be politically sensetive, but original Goans are concerned enough to return all the imminent SEZs.

But then, does Goa has its own son-of-the-soil ?

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