Swine flu and Pune

Pune’s swine flu cases, by now, stand at 86, out of which 66 are the students from seven schools situated in Kothrud-Erandwane area.

Me and Satyajit done some analysis of swine flu in the city and came out with the inference:

- Residents – be it students or adults - from Kothrud-Erandwane area are prone to swine flu.
- This area is a ghetto represented by one particular community; the reflection also can be seen among swine flu cases.
- They belongs to the same genes as their Konkani counterparts, who in turn finds root across the ocean, which is the worst swine flu affected region.

So if you are not from Kothrud, nor from the said community, worry not. The swine flu isn’t for you.


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Swine flu is becoming an increasingly controversial topic

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