Nos. matter...really ?

The results are out. Anxiety is over.

Interestingly, for many in Gujrat, where currently I am, there is a success in defeat and defeat in the success.

As the ballot machines began giving out results yesterday, it became evident that country is once again going into the congress party’s hands.

Facing cropper at national level, Gujrat was the one state for BJP to be a face-saver.

Yet at Party’s headquarter in Khanpur area of Ahmedabad, the mood was completely sombre. Party workers came, sat, watched TV and went without much noise. No celebrations, nothing.

The BJP improved the tally by one and put its stamp on the state once again. But prime ministerial ambitions of Advani and Modi received a major jolt. Modi stayed at home, in instead of coming out and flexing muscles while talking to media.

On the other hand, mood was jubilant at Rajiv Gandhi Bhavan, the congress headquarter. Even before the trends were not yet out out, the GPCC president Siddharth Patel in a self-congratulatory mood said, “I am satisfied with the results”.

In fact congress was down by one seat from its previous tally. Yet, every leader wanted to talk to media. Chai, coffee nashta came frequently, giving out the message that when you have no expectations at all, even a single seat is precious.

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