From Gujrat

Precisely a year after, I am once again out of my house, striving hard while churning out the post-verdict stories.

Some 600 km away from the home, in Ahmedabad, the only difference I see from last year’s Karnataka experience is the comfort level is quite high. The hotel room is cozy, traveling has been cool and the food is palatable.

But then, there is irritation at different level. Blogging and television watching is what currently I am involved in. There is fatigue. Inclination to work exists very little.

The counting is few hours away while results may take a day to be out. The actually government may take a week or two to come to the power. But to me, as a common man, the government has already been formed.

The news channels have made the entire post-poll pre-verdict debates highly trivial. Cartel is formed to shape up opinion. Hypothesis is being build without any substance. Theories are running. And finally, few people are discussing and in the process deciding, who will support whom.

HAving seen this, there is little doubt left in my mind. As they say that this election was fought in the media, the next will be in the TV studio only.

Good night

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