Hours before Amit Varma posted on his blogBuy Elections

Hours later we are told IU has been nominated in the 2008 Weblog Awards and, ironically so, Amit write on his blog:

“The category I have great hopes of is Best Asian Blog, so do vote there wholeheartedly. I’m most unlikely to win Best Political Coverage, where giants like Daily Kos, Townhall and Politico have also been nominated, but hell, we’re the world’s largest democracy, we know how to vote, so do vote there as well”.

Amit, we know how to vote, after all you only have taught us this here.

“Well, every election is really an exercise in buying voters. Either you can buy them with promises of good governance, better infrastructure, law & order and so on; or you can buy them with money and material goods. If the promises have no value, and both voters and politicians know that every promise is an empty one, then what’s a pragmatic voter to do? Take the money, of course. A self-perpetuating cycle duly begins, and there you have it, democracy at the grassroots”, says Amit.

Well what can you promise us if we cast our vote in your favour.

I think clarity on some issues.

The most important and imperative among them is: Your take on J & K and secession, especially after your previously stated position and the subsequent elections which saw participation of 62 % Kashmiries.

I hope you are listening..

Disclosure: In one of my post on allowing Kashmir to secede, i too had admitted that argument made by liberals look rather convincing than that of others. But then at the same time I had advocated to be selfish to keep Kashmir. Now I am glad to say that Kashmiries doesn't want us to be selfish. But they want us to be objective; objective enough to judge their aspirations, their problems and their emotions.


Reality is Farce said...

Yogesh, good post.

I think Liberals are prone to get trapped in their own. In the zest to gain moral high ground they turn adherents of certain political philosophies. In the process they ignore the ground realities, albeit for their own convenience so that they can drive the point home.


Have you heard a word from Aiyar or Sanghvi on J & K post elections ?.

Speaking for myself, i am curious to know what the "Chomsky wannabe" is doing nowadays.


Anonymous said...

I like India Uncut blog because I generally agree with Amit Verma's views. But I agree with you on keeping Kashmir. The voter turnout had been a source of hope and joy to me also.