The Sudden Demise Of Batmidar

Midway departure of Batmidar, a favourite among newsmen, seems to have hit marathi journalism world hard. More so, when Journalism itself was hit hard.

There’s an outbreak on google to trace Batmidar and its younger sibbling Kalte-Samajate whereabouts.

A friend in the know passes this information on: Both Batmidar and Kalte-Samajate have been shut down as the blogger has planned sabbatical to finish task of “writing book on serious issue”

I wonder if there’s anything more serious than exposing journalists. Well, for the time being, I buy his explanation and wish this anonymous blogger best luck for his future project.

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Anonymous said...

where is batmidar, batmidar1 & batmidar2
who is behind this?
can u throw some light on this?