The City Of Pune And Punyeshwar Temple

Late BJP leader Pramod Mahajan often used to remark sarcastically during rallies or when surrounded by journalists.

Mahajan would quip: "Why would anyone want proof of original Ram temple at Ayodhya. The reason that site now has mosque itself suggest there was temple earlier."

Through this, Mahajan implied that Muslim rulers invaded Hindu temples all across India and built mosque to propagate their faith.

Today Mahajan’s remarks struck while I was passing through Chhota Shaikh Sallah dargah on Mutha river. There is a thought that believes durgah site previously had Shiva and Vishnu idols in the temple known as Punyeshwar.

Later idols vanished from the site while temple continued to find mention in the history. In the course of time the city of Pune derived its name from the same temple.

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