Case against endorsing the endorsement

During the Lok Sabha campaign, I had a debate with friend on why Indian media do not endorse prime ministerial contestants. The debate ended without any conclusion.

The latest US move of protectionism against Chinese tyre is no less than an answer to that debate.

A protectionist move that is bad politics, bad economics, bad diplomacy and hurts America, says Economist.

The magazine had endorsed Obama during presidential elections. Today it criticizes the president for his wrong policy – his latest move to impose 35 % tariff on Chinese tyres per se.

Endorsing the candidate isn’t wrong. But in India, will newspapers be able to keep pace criticizing government with the courage of admitting its wrong judgment, given the way government falters time to time ?

In any case, what’s the need of formal endorsement when Indian media have been into it for years without actually being into it formally.

Here is an interesting debate on endorsement started by former mint editor Raju Narisetti, who is now at washington Post.

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Kapil said...

Economist once endorsed Obama, now it crticises his policies. Nothing wrong with that. In an election, it decided to choose between the two candidates. It found Obama preferable. That doesn't mean it should become Obama loyalist on every issue! I may find a candidate worthy of the post, and still I retain my freedom to disagree with him now and then.

Should Indian media houses endorse parties/candidates? Why not? But do they have the credibility that Economist or New York Times enjoy?

Rakesh Nigam said...

very True. a million doller question is " Does media knows the pulse of Indians ?" certainly not. media is now a glamarous business with thousands of crores made without any ethics. Indian have hundreds of genuine problems but our media is looking at what can bring it more TRP or Readership rather than what can bring positive change to country.
Kapil wrightly said that Indian Media does not have the credential like Economist neither does it have courage to admitt its failure to have so.
So lets not indulge to change the media but to ourself.