The panic, that's good this time

Panic is not all that bad after all if it is about swine flu.

In Pune, kids are holidaying. Vegetable rates are down as mandis wear deserted look. People have suddenly become hygiene cautious. They wear masks, wash hands in eateries and yes they even demand soap while washing hands.

Hassle free driving on deserted roads, numerous entertaining stories of officers like Dr. Katti, longer sessions without any notice to vacate chair from hotelier at otherwise crowded Rupali. No public display of affection at parks with doctor's advice to keep distance.

Panic is indeed not that bad.


Amit Paranjape said...

I too enjoyed the open roads and the empty restaurants. Pune was transformed back to the idlyic town it was back in the 1970s.

Having said that, its sad that the entire city needs to be 'scared' into doing the right things!


yogesh joshi said...

Oldies recollect Abhaynkar-Joshi murder case, that rattled the city during 70's. Punekars that time also preferred staying indoors. This time, it wasn't just fear but a preventive measure, that forced people stay in.

It took a whole new generation to come out, grow and see what Pune's deserted roads mean :)