The Bhaiyya Factor

This week, the state government came out with the finding on economic survey specifying how growing outsiders’ population in Maharashtra is taking toll on the infrastructure here.

Now the HSC results are out. Big cities including Mumbai, Thane and Pune saw sharp dip in the overall pass percentage.

Mahanagar, a local daily from Mumbai came out with the analysis of result and claimed that slip in HSC results was mainly because of more Bhaiyyas appearing for HSC exam.

Since Raj’s MNS has fetched impressive number of votes, the Bhaiyya factor reverberates everywhere.


kavita said...

blog is great but fonts are too small.

Yogesh said...

Thanks Kavita.

I have made the necessary changes.

Rakesh Nigam said...

I Disagree with you yogesh, How come one can be responsible for inefficieny of others. If No one of your so called metro and tier I cities has toped in results. it is their flaw not the bhaiyya factor. rather they should take inspirations from so called Bhaiyya's . may i ask you the credibility of Mahanagar and its analysis?

Yogesh said...


Whatever i have put is just a development worth taking on record and not my opinion.

In fact, the attempt was to bring out irony on how one is blamed for others' defeat.

By the way, do read my yet another blog on bhaiyyas - again sans opinion :)

And yes, congratulations for entering into blogosphere.