Dirty old yet most envied man

Khushwant Singh: "Indians have it (sex) on their brains more than they have in the right place but as it happens, when you age, it automatically shifts from the middle to the head, and you are obsessed with it. It never leaves. It is something, which is elemental, vital and far more important than other emotions like love or anger. This is elemental and it expresses itself in weird forms. You cannot suppress it, that's why things like celibacy do not work. Desire to have multiple relationships is also human. I wrote about the so-called happily married couple many times. Whether they do it or not, adultery is always at the back of the mind of both".

Singh is 94 and sex is very much on his brain even today. I love reading (only reading) him.

Here is an interesting full chat Singh had with another (sex on his brain) editor Vinod Mehta.

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Abhijeet Deshpande said...

Since you love reading Kh Singh, I hope you have seen this post.

khushwant singh

Mr. Singh claims that he didn't find a single person who'd tell him the meaning of PANCHAMI in NAG PANCHAMI, ASHTAMI in JANMASHTAMI, NAVAMI in RAMNAVAMI.

Doesn't Mr. Khushwant Singh come across literate people?