Politics And Bollywood

Bollywood’s tryst with politics is never ending. We have many bollywood personalities in politics and politics as a theme in movies.

The bollywood replicate social changes in its movies, while politics actually mean transformation.

Yet, looking their rise since 70s, a realization comes through that our film industry has grown up but politics hasn’t.

The masala movies of 70s and 80s, their unforgettable dialogues, the acting - often seen as self-mocking – we have gone through it. Many holdover stars from the last two decades of last century play parental roles now. These stars along with the new breed exemplify that they are with the time.

Mere pass maa hai aur tumhare pass… the famous dialogue and many such are a grim reminder of those times.

And perhaps for the same reasons, we in 2009 can’t sit three hours watching those movies again. Except for the ever-melodious songs, watching movies from 70s and 80 is actually a pain.

Contrary in Politics, the triviality is yet to be bottomed out. We are currently through elections and what better time than this to check this.

Two weeks back I was at Uddhav’s (mind you, I consider Uddhav the only sane personality among Thackerays) rally. “Congress mhanaje hiarave daat, te kadhihi jawal gheu naka” (congress means the green teeth, never allow them near you), Uaddhav made this horrible comment, forcing me wink at my colleague. The worst- it drew huge clap in the crowd.

These politicians speak same language as they act in. Their success lies in their frivolousness. And this triviality disallows them from moving ahead.

In the case of movies, people accept only contemporary ones.

And that is why we have films changing with the time while politics continue to hold same masala as it did in 70s and 80s.


Actors in politics said...

Good observation and nice article, Yogesh.

Yogesh said...

Thanks Actors...

bnihal said...

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Jaskiniowiec said...

1. would you like to translate Mere pass maa hai aur tumhare pass… into english, please ?

2. we have exactly the same story with politics in Poland - and I think it's funny because it's almost the opposite side o f the world but politics acts the same as yours :)

greets from Poland



Yogesh said...

Interesting to know.

'The world is flat', so as the politics. :)

Actually, Mere paas ma hai…is an old dialogue from Deewar, the famous Hindi movie from 1970s.

'Mere paas ma hai... (even if I have got nothing, I have my mother), the actor, starring policeman replies his criminal (but reach) brother.

iamfordemocracy said...

Here is something to ponder over about the Green Teeth comment. You will agree that language and words have got twisted because of politics. When Congress and others talk about Secular, they really mean muslim..and therefore it should be a communal term, but that is not its dictionary meaning. In fact, the secular parties have got many useful communal tools - Babri demolition, Gujarat riots and so on. They can use all these symbols and images to further their non-secular agenda and attract communal votes.

BJP and Shivsena on the other hand have to really struggle to find words that their voters can understand, but are not offensive enough to attract election commission and press attention.

I will put it to you as a challenge. Try and write a 10 min speech for BJP that will impress its voters and get the message across, and will be worthy enough of accolades from press and educated observers like you.

Yogesh said...

The answer to your comment is- of late BJP has been short of good commentators who will put their case before media properly.

Its indeed unfortunate that the party which is the most media savvy and uses all modes to promote its views, hardly finds any commentator. I am sick watching Prakash Jawadekar and Ravi Shankar Prasad on TV. The gap is even wider when it comes to english commentators.

I think Vir Sanghvi hits the nail right in the head when he says, "BJP suffers shortage of soundbyte warriors".

Time for Arun Shourie to once again lend helping hand to reorganize BJP's media wing.

On the other hand Congress has battery of spokespersons pushing party's views in all possible languages. (Jayanti Natarajan has been doing a good job)



Anonymous said...

I read in your response to a comment that Jayanti Natarajan is doing a good job. I feel she needs to 'sound' objective (whether she thinks objectively or not I have no idea, and probably it doesn't matter). She seems to get agitated. Rudy on the other hand has a smug, 'I am clever, wittier, louder, more sarcastic etc. than you' look on his face. Just a TV viewers' observation.