Attack, Aftermath and Admission

It’s all over now.

As an aftermath, Shivraj Patil has resigned. Many things are to follow.

I am here to admit rather bluntly that I am unmoved by all.

Yes, none of my kin died or injured in the attack. I was not even involved in the reporting of entire incident.

The initial eagerness turned into fatigue. Television watching became intermittent thereafter. I cared to know, but little and not from the heart.

Actually when rescue operation was on, I had started imagining the political fallout of entire episode.

Karkare & Kampte’s death did initially shock me. But that shock did not last much.

I missed the usual “spirit of Mumbai” & “Mumbai Meri Jaan” rhetoric. Perhaps that ‘spirit’ wasn’t alive this time.

I also missed much of the political action. They shouldn’t been so inarticulate this time.

Journalists’ action was interesting. I discovered many Maureen Dowd wannabe who updated the country bullet-by-bullet from warfront.

Bachchan and his licensed .32 revolver under his pillow should have been played rather prominently, I felt. I also felt bloggers’ anguish was unjust.

But I enjoyed Ramu and Ritesh Deshmukh accompanying Vilasrao Deshmukh at Taj during his first visit as a part of stock-taking.

I saw frames of kin of deceased. Often short of words, the struggle while searching for words to express was anticipated. But nothing came out.

Later I discovered, I have lost sensitivities.

Grappled further to know how this happened ?. Answer came without many efforts.

I realized that people losing their life has become routine here.

And letting them lose their life is also a part of that bigger routineness which we see among our rulers.

So I thank our rulers for taking my sensitivities out.

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