ammmmmm ?.......hmmmmmm

Hmm. No post since long.

In fact there are too many subjects to write. But then there is too little to scribble here.

Writing something about the work would invite wrath from the company. Constructing poem is like clearing mathematics question paper, which I have never done. Reviewing books are okay. But then for that I need to read.

Few things are sacred to me and too personal. So no mentioning.

Scribbling inside stories from profession is the thing I am bored of doing. This job is best being done by best of bhankas, formerly, Let us Bhankas.

Narrating few embarrassing, but equally interesting, moments that my friends had to recover from is not in the interest of mine. They are after all my readers.

A friend has already advised me to shut down this blog. People like us (he too is a journalist) already harass people by forcing them read our stories. So it is in the larger interest of society that we abstain from writing further, friend sermon.

Any option left ?

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