Newspaper readers; Hypocrites?

What if readers starts going in consumer court if they find their newspaper not worth a quality they are paying for.?

Well, a reader won’t go to the consumer court because there are likely chances of him to be on losing verge if his case gets heard.

And why will reader loose?…because he is getting more than what he is paying for.

Actually readers are, to my understanding, least sensitive about the price and quality of the newspaper. They will anyway fret for the content appeared in the newspapers, but end up reading the same.

To put it into perspective…Vinod Mehta, editor-in-chief, Outlook, sum it up... (rightly or wrongly that again readers will decide)

The reader is a paradox. He frequently complains about negative news being constantly reported. But for all his clamouring for positive news, surveys show that people are more interested in negative news, sensational news, news about crime, violence and corruption. The reader, ladies and gentlemen, is not king; actually he is a nice hypocrite.

Full text of Mehta’s speech is here.

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