Not so decent

Gagged after an emergency was clamped, Pakistani media seems to have even forgot to react on the offensive and atrocious remarks used against their own President by a British Daily. The remarks that appeared against Mushrraf in Daily Telegraph’s editorial were totally against the values of journalism.

Mushrraf was twice referred "sonofabitch" (read son-of-a-bitch) or get other dictionary meanings as “scoundrel” or “bastard”. The issue led to ouster of three reporters of Daily Telegraph working in Pakistan. It was actually a result of Pakistan establishment’s strong measures after it failed to get apology from the paper. The UK newspaper, to my knowledge, hasn’t so far reacted on the issue despite Minister for Press at Pakistan High Commission in London Imran Gardezi sending strong protest note to the paper.

And one can’t expect so, so easily. In fact when Briton’s very own PM Tony Blair was referred as “Bush’s poodle” by section of international press, there was no reaction either from Blair himself or any other minister or british daily. So when Briton calls herself true democratic and talks of freedom of expression, so does its press.

Also when it was anticipated that Pak media would strongly react to it, the reactions instead came from the press of arch-rival India while the nighboring press, to the best of my knowledge, maintained mum. HT in its third edit today termed the remarks as “unparliamentary”. HT in fact masked the referrals to maintain one's dignity. Of course I can not do it here in my blog as it would mean further taxing readers to refer links.

I just want to bring out the details and force us everybody to think again that who is truly parliamentary and democratic.

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