Dealing with Deal

Left don’t want it. Right want it but not through UPA. The Congress of course wants it, but not at the cost of government. And the government?. The government doesn’t know wether it wants it or not. The precious N-deal is stuck up in a rare embroglio. Rare because all the UPA constituents have a uncommon consensus on being non-unanimous. And yet they continue to proceed with their stand…

Amids all this, what common man thinks about it ?. Well, that’s the question my friend in US had asked me to know more about public openion here over N-deal. Well, I don’t claim to know various nuances of Indo-US N-deal. Yet I found it interesting recalling all that came out from various persons who talked about the deal.

A journalist friend of mine from The Hindu had read her mind loud and clear on the issue even before I asked her. She is completely in favour of the deal getting through. So much so, that she even tried to influence her “left tilted” newspapers’s policy by asking some of her keen to write letters to the editor. It was interesting that she has been able to harbour capitalist’ views while working in Leftist’ paper.

When I saw couple of journalists from vernacular print discussing the issue, one reply that came before was; “The deal is all rubbish. We should first address farmers suicide issue”. Another replied to the first one, “Nobody knows anything yet everybody talks only about Power. And suppose if elections are held on the deal issue then good for us as it will bring down dry days of news generation”.

And when I was on phone with my father discussing some of the current affair stories including the deal, my innocent mom was quick to grab the receiver to denounce the importance of the whole discussion. “Will you just keep all this stuff aside for a moment and allow us discussing some more vital things ?”, Mom’s terse one-line question came in Marathi.

Now what is more important than N-deal currently going on, aai ? I asked.

“You don’t talk to us all this, wasting your energy and our time. Rather you should let us know if we start searching a bride for you”.

My god!! mom’s that one-liner was like a N-shock to me.

It was also interesting to hear Bal Thakeray when he said “Everything is surrounded over N-deal only. Now we (While talking about himself Thakeray prefers plural) too want to know what exactly it is and its pros and cons…and hence have asked my sainiks to study the issue to make our position clear”.

Thakeray’s sainiks then studied the matter (at least it appears so). And now the tiger turned recluse has become antogonist of the deal.

COMMENT: Perhaps the sainiks have found the the 123-agreement is as easy as 1..2..3...

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